US Radar Seeker SPR

December 7, 2010

The Seeker SPR (Sub-surface Penetrating Radar) System infiltrates numerous surfaces—such as soil, clay, concrete and brick—and displays an image of the sub-surface on the operator interface. The system offers five antenna-frequency options that are easily interchangeable. At the highest resolution, 2,000 MHz, the system penetrates to depths of 1.5 feet and detects the smallest objects, such as fine wire or cracks in concrete. At 1,000 MHz, penetration depth extends to 3.5 feet, with objects such as rebar and wire mesh visible. The most popular frequency, 500 MHz, provides detection depths to 14 feet and displays soil disturbances, large pipes and cables. The 250 and 100 MHz options offer detection depths to 30 and 100 feet, respectively, and are best used for locating bedrock and large pipes. The Seeker SPR features an internal memory with data-storage capacity of more than 50,000 lineal feet.