Denios Lithium-Ion Fire Blankets

May 16, 2024
Blankets can withstand temperatures up to 2,372 degrees.

The Denios lithium-ion fire fighting blankets are designed for the high temperatures generated from electric vehicle (EV) battery fires. Blankets contain flames and reduce the risk of the fire spreading and associated collateral damage, until emergency response personnel arrive, according to the company.

Manufactured of high temperature fabric with a mineral coating on both sides, double seam overlap with steel thread processing allows these blankets to withstand temperatures up to 2,372 degrees.

Open-pored fabric allows the use of fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems to create a cooling effect, while limited gas permeability prevents the cover from ballooning.

Blankets are available in three sizes, suitable for small cars to commercial vehicles, each with their own storage container. Four loops at the reinforced corners allow the blankets to be quickly and easily deployed. 

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