Video Explains Dolese Road to Safety

Aug. 16, 2018

Dolese Bros. Co. has more than 70 facilities with more than 1,000 employees throughout Oklahoma and Louisiana. When the aggregates company decided to focus on safety, it called upon Caterpillar’s safety culture consultants to help.

Dolese and Cat set up continuous improvement teams that brought in employees to help enhance the safety program.

“We want to work with everyone and come up with solutions,” said Ryan McClanahan, Dolese’s safety specialist. The video below explains the process.

“Management is trying to make everything safer in a positive way,” said Jeff Radford, mixer driver for sulphur/Davis. “Instead of forcing things upon us, they want our input.”

In summing up the program’s success, Ryan said this:

“Here we are, a little over three years in, and our incident rates are way down, our communications is way up, our near-miss reporting is way up.”