Three Ways Drones Will Revolutionize Construction

Feb. 8, 2018

To imagine the job site of the future, first look up at the sky.

Drone Deploy CEO Mike Winn says the future of the construction job site will look something like this:

“You get into work on Monday and your drone is already waiting for you, having already completed its automated site safety check flight, gathered data on your project’s progress, and assessed the work you need to do to stay on track.”

And that future isn’t very far away, he says. Winn predicts three ways drones will revolutionize the construction industry.

  • Fully Automated Adaptive Flights: Drones will be able to fly around a structure by themselves, adjusting course automatically to create the most accurate map or 3D model possible—making site safety checks and progress monitoring easy and accurate.
  • Seamless Integration with BIM Software:
    BIM integration will simplify progress tracking, reduce project execution inefficiencies, and even help make recommendations of what a project needs to stay on track.
  • Highly Accurate and Artificial Intelligence-fueled Maps:
    Machine learning and artificial intelligence will help drones identify objects and ground control points on site, automatically assess aggregate stockpile volumes, and make on-site measurements with centimeter-level precision—all without human intervention.

So look up in the sky. It’s neither a bird nor a plane—it’s a technology Superman.