Thompson Pump RECON2000T Control Panel Has Advanced Functions

May 26, 2017
Thompson Pump RECON2000T control panel has enhanced telematics functions

RECON2000T control panel with enhanced functions using interactive technology allows for remote pump control and monitoring.

The control panel allows operation of the pump from a smartphone, laptop, desktop computer, or any other device with Internet access. The panel utilizes cellular and satellite networks for a secure and reliable connection in even remote locations, and also comes Wi-Fi ready. It gives operators informational access and control over the pump unit with the ability to remotely monitor the unit, record data, and vary speed. The dashboard displays all the same pump and engine data as it appears on the RECON2000T control panel on-site. If there’s a problem with the pump or engine, the RECON2000T can be setup to notify an Internet-activated device.

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