5G to Provide Enhanced Data Access on Site

Jan. 17, 2020

The construction industry has entered a new phase of digitization through Internet of Things (IoT) technology, and will soon rely on innovations in connectivity, such as 5G. 

Using 5G connectivity can provide construction sites with high speed data access, and make it possible to connect “constrained devices,” or devices with limited memory and power sources, according to an article in IoT For All. It also offers the possibility of real-time data processing, so decisions on site can be made almost instantly. 

According to Daily Commercial News, 5G even offers the potential to further improve communications between offices and remote worksites. With increased bandwidth, 5G will allow a more seamless transfer of data and videos. 

Possible Uses of 5G in Construction

  1. Real-time automation: Since construction sites are constantly evolving, teams can rely on 5G to understand activities on worksites in real time, and perform remote or autonomous construction operations. Combined with high speed communication, workers will have almost instant access to data and cloud applications. 

  2. Monitoring, tracking, and surveillance: Innovations such as self-driving vehicles are becoming more popular on construction sites, packed with data collected by sensors and GPS signals. With 5G, this information will become necessary as companies overlay technology like artificial intelligence (AI) into real-time data outputs.

  3. Supply chain optimization: Real-time information on the order status of materials is important to assure a project is running on time.

  4. Hazard and maintenance sensing: Visual data can help workers identify hazards instantly and proactively intervene to reduce accidents. Since 5G enables visual data, videos rather than static images can help streamline inspections. This allows users to analyze data capture in real time. 

Source: IoT for All & Daily Commercial News