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Talbert 60CC/55SA-LD Gooseneck Trailer


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Talbert 60CC/55SA-LD gooseneck trailer has a capacity of 60 tons

The 60CC/55SA-LD gooseneck trailer has a capacity of 60 tons with a close-coupled configuration or 55 tons with a spread-axle configuration. In the former, ground clearance is 6 inches with an 18-inch loaded deck height.

The trailer has a non-ground bearing hydraulic gooseneck design, 108-inch swing radius, 26-foot deck length, and 8-foot 6-inch deck width.

The E2Nitro spreader uses a combination of hydraulic fluid and nitrogen to equalize axle pressures, providing proportionate weight distribution of each axle grouping. This optimizes the range of suspension movement, which minimizes stress and provides a smooth ride. In addition, the E2Nitro features a bearing pivot and pivot lockout for backing the trailer. Users also can hydraulically lock in axle loads regardless of terrain. The E2Nitro comes standard with two-speed dual landing gear for optimal stability when disconnected from the trailer.

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