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Talbert 60-Ton Spread-Axle Trailer


Trailers, Low-Bed, Equipment

Talbert 60/65SA trailer is designed to accommodate both tri-axle and tandem-axle “jeeps”

The 60/65SA trailer is designed to accommodate both tri-axle and tandem-axle “jeeps,” featuring 2 + 2-, 3 + 1-, and 4-axle close-coupled configurations. The trailer has a 60-ton capacity rating with its 13-foot 6-inch, two-point, rigid load base in a 2 + 2 or 3 + 1 configuration. The trailer can also be configured with four close-coupled axles with no gooseneck extension, providing a 65-ton capacity with the 13-foot 6-inch, two-point, rigid load base.

The 60/65SA features an optional 70-inch, flip-up gooseneck extension to achieve a 190-inch swing radius, while the removable kingpin stations allow for 120-inch and 108-inch swing radii. Optional hydraulic linkage eliminates the need to manually flip the gooseneck extension. Standard equipment includes a 30-foot x 8.5-foot-wide deck, and optional deck lengths, deck types, and widths are available. The 60/65SA’s deck features a 22-inch height.

The optional East Coast-style E2Nitro spreader uses a combination of hydraulic fluid and nitrogen to equalize axle pressures. This design is intended to optimize the range of suspension movement, thus reducing stress and providing a smoother ride. In addition, the E2Nitro features a bearing pivot and pivot lockout for backing the trailer. Users also can hydraulically lock in axle loads regardless of terrain. The E2Nitro is standard with a two-speed dual landing gear for optimal stability when disconnected from the trailer.

The 60/65SA is built with heavy-duty, T-1, 100,000-psi-minimum-yield steel and painted with Valspar R-Cure 800.