Takeuchi CTLs Go To Tier 4-Interim, Offer Fuel Savings

August 30, 2012

Takeuchi’s new TL10 and TL12 compact track loaders have been outfitted with Tier 4-Interim Kubota diesel engines and have a number of additional improvements.

Both units use selectable engine power modes, allowing the operator to match engine performance to a specific task. Normal Mode is designed for general work; Power Mode produces peak engine power for tasks requiring maximum performance; and Eco Mode can provide up to a 15-percent fuel savings while still offering maximum torque, Takeuchi says.

Eco Mode works by limiting engine speed to 2,400 rpm. When the engine load is less than 30 percent, the speed will automatically decrease to 2,400 rpm after 8 seconds. Conversely, when power demand exceeds 30 perecent, the engine speed will return to the throttle position setting.

The T4-I engines in both models have common rail fuel injection and a turbocharger. On the smaller TL10 (2,403 pounds rated operating capacity), the Kubota V3800CRT delivers 7 percent more horsepower and a 9.4-percent improvement in torque as compared to the previous model. The larger TL12’s (4,051 pounds rated operating capacity) Kubota V3800CRTI adds an intercooler and boosts horsepower 10.8 percent and torque 19.5 percent over the previous model.

Both engines use a diesel particulate filter to limit particulate emissions and cooled EGR to reduce NOx emissions.

Takeuchi has gone to a variable flow auxiliary hydraulic system with three settings to match the flow requirements of different attachments.

Setting I is a standard 100-percent flow, and Settings II and III can be set anywhere from 0 to 100 percent. Factory default settings are 75 percent and 50 percent, respectively.

The company has added a hydraulic oil temperature light to the gauge panel, and a secondary auxiliary circuit is standard on all high-flow machines. The TL10 features a 12.9-gallon hydraulic reservoir and offers up to 36.3 gpm of hydraulic flow, while the TL12 is equipped with a 15.9-gallon reservoir and provides an auxiliary hydraulic flow up to 40 gpm.

Cab improvements start with a sealed and pressurized cab for a cleaner operating environment. Takeuchi has also improved HVAC performance with a more powerful blower fan.

A high-back operator’s seat has an adjustable suspension rate and height settings for comfort. A three-point seat belt, heavy-duty radio, and ride control are optional.

Controls-wise, a quick-change selector valve, available as a factory option, allows the operator to select between ISO or H-pattern controls. A multifunction control handle provides fingertip control to the 14-pin attachment connector while a heavy-duty rocker switch now provides control of the “G” and “H” pins of the connector.

A swing-out cooler module places the hydraulic cooler and engine coolers side by side for optimal performance, according to the company.

Takeuchi TL10, TL12 Specifications

  • Rated capacity: 2,403 lb. (TL10); 4,051 lb. (TL12)
  • Operating weight: 10,318 lb. (TL10); 11,618 lb. (TL12)
  • Tip load: 6,867 lb. (TL10); 8,102 lb. (TL12)
  • Net Power: 92 hp (TL10); 110 hp (TL12)