Volvo Invests in Electric Loader Plant

Jan. 23, 2023
Phased introduction of new electric loaders

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) has invested about $6.3 million in its plant in Arvika, Sweden. The factory builds medium and large wheel loaders, and it will add a new building for the phased introduction of new electric wheel loaders.

The investment signals Volvo CE’s commitment to achieving more sustainable solutions for customers across all its product lines, according to the company. Its investment strategy allows Volvo CE to advance electric solutions across its production facilities.

The new building, approximately 1,500 square meters, will allow the facility to free up areas inside its assembly factory to be able to build electric wheel loaders. The company did not announce which models will begin their electric transformation or when, but said production of both electric wheel loaders and more traditional wheel loaders fitted with combustion engines will continue for now on the same production line.

“This is a clear signal of our commitment to building the world we want to live in,” said Mikael Liljestrand, site manager, in a statement. “It is more than 40 years since we last invested in a new building and what better reason now than to invest in our future, our planet and the next generation. We know that this is not only important to our customers and stakeholders, who rightly have high expectations on us, but it is also close to our hearts to be part of something bigger in building our future.”

Volvo CE has introduced compact electric wheel loaders L20 Electric and L25 Electric.

Building work is set to begin later this year, with further announcements on when production will begin to come.

Source: Volvo CE

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