Subsite TSR Software Puts HDD Data on Mobile Devices

September 30, 2015
Subsite TSR Software Puts HDD Data on Mobile Devices

Subsite Electronics, a Charles Machine Works company, has introduced the new TSR mobile software to download horizontal directional drilling (HDD) bore information from Subsite TK HDD guidance systems directly to mobile telephones or tablets. Information can be sent to and viewed on Android mobile phones and tablets, as well as Windows-based computers and Mac OSX. TSR mobile software allows drillers to generate an as-built report as soon as the pilot bore is completed. TSR mobile software is included with the purchase of a TK system, and it may be downloaded at no cost from the Subsite website at

TSR mobile software profiles include a pitch-based graph of bore data. To log a data point, the operator simply pushes a button on the guidance system. The profile is calculated by rod distance as the down-hole tool progresses, documenting tool location and pitch, as well as field terrain. Reports can be immediately e-mailed to the office or the customer via smart phone or tablet.

“The TSR mobile software speeds production by replacing the manual bore log, which is time-consuming and creates the opportunity for error,” says John Bieberdorf, product manager, HDD guidance systems, Subsite Electronics. “From the business aspect, sending reports directly from the field can improve cash flow, because many customers will not pay for a project until the as-built is provided.”

TK HDD guidance systems are available in three models to fit specific drilling needs. TK systems filter out signal interference present on many work sites to provide accurate tracking of the bore head, says Subsite, “and the TK Series is the only HDD guidance system with dual locating modes (“walkover” and “drill-to”).” Features include, says the company, easy-to-understand, high-contrast graphics that are legible even in bright light and a remote display that can be mounted on the drilling unit to suit the driller’s preferences.            


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