Redesigned HDD Can Be Used In More Places

Staff | September 28, 2010

American Augers DD-185 horizontal directional drillAmerican Augers DD-185 HDD has a larger thrust/pullback than its predecessor, at 185,000 pounds, but can work in more confined spaces. As a result, the company says, end-users can use the machine in more working environments. The drill has 25,000 pounds-feet of rotary torque with a top rotary speed of 95 rpm. Carriage can travel at a maximum velocity of 130 fpm with exclusive rack-and-pinion carriage drive, the company says. The self-propelled unit features Caterpillar 320L excavator tracks and a 300-hp Cat C9 diesel. The drill weighs about 58,600 pounds without pipe. The clamp and wrench can be repositioned within a 60-inch range. A remote-controlled hydraulic crane assists with pipe handling. Optional detached driller's cabin can be positioned to maximize operator's view from the cabin to the machine. Estimated list price: $596,000.