Qualcomm GlobalTRACS Lite Wireless Machine Monitor

September 28, 2010


Qualcomm GlobalTRACS Lite

Qualcomm's GlobalTRACS Lite wireless machine monitor is an economical telematics solution that provides information on operating hours and remote machine locations to fleet managers wirelessly. The compact, easier-to-install GlobalTRACS Lite can be integrated into a system that includes full GlobalTRACS applications, or it can be used as a stand-alone equipment tool. Proactive theft-prevention and recovery features include a back-up battery to power alerts if the power is cut and engine-start curfew alerts to identify unauthorized (after-hours) equipment use. Assisted-GPS location technology allows the system to track equipment inside buildings and locations without a clear view of the sky. The data stream can be integrated with existing back-end software systems, and it is accessible via Qualcomm's easy-to-use Web application. Estimated list price: $530.