New Flex-Thane Flex-Mat

September 28, 2010

Flex-Thane® – the latest innovation from Montreal-based Major Wire Industries Limited – is a Flex-Mat® solution for flat-deck polyurethane and rubber screens. The product combines the efficiency and performance of Major Wire's proven Flex-Mat technology with the easy installation of polyurethane and rubber panels to virtually eliminate blinding and pegging problems on flat-surface screen decks.

Flex-Thane's independently vibrating wires, bonded in place with the distinctive lime-green polyurethane strips, also provide more open area for far greater throughput, higher production and better efficiency than polyurethane and rubber screens in hard-to-screen applications. Flex-Thane's modular panels install easily on most common flat-surface screen decks, similar to traditional polyurethane and rubber panels.

The product is available in 1-inch by 1-inch and 1-inch by 4-inch panel sizes, with a variety of locking systems to fit virtually any flat-surface polyurethane screen deck. It can also be custom-made in 1-inch by 2-inch and 1-inch by 3-inch sizes, as well as in mixed dimensions.