Staff | September 28, 2010

Michelin Axiobib tiresMichelin introduced Axiobib tires with Ultraflex radial technology that promise better traction and longer life to harness the power of four-wheel drive ag tractors like those used to pull towed scrapers. Ultraflex Technology enlarges the area in the tire sidewall that flexes under load. Combined with a flatter cross-section, it extends the Axiobib footprint 22 percent longer than that of standard radials. Michelin calls the affect “Increased Flexion,” and it resulted in the U.S. Tire and Rim Association creating a new tire classification called IF. The new Axiobibs can operate at inflation pressures as much as 20 percent lower than other radials, or carry up to 20 percent more load at the same inflation pressures. Michelin’s AxioBibs will be available in seven sizes of from 600/70R30 to 710/70R42.