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Leica Smart 3D Surveillance System


Construction Technology & Software

Camera equipment

BLK247 Smart 3D Surveillance System is now available in two versions, the BLK247 i5 and the BLK247 x5, which are suited to monitor and protect different environments.

The x5 offers thermal imaging, and dust and water protection for both indoor and outdoor environments, and an expanded operating temperature range, while the i5 is designed for mostly indoor environments where thermal imaging is not needed. With the BLK247, customers can create 3D zones by geofencing areas and applying custom alarm rules.

Any number of Leica BLK247 devices can be added to a customer’s existing VMS system, providing an enhanced layer of 3D security where previously there was only 2D protection. The products combine LiDAR, RGB video, and thermal imaging sensors with assistive artificial intelligence and edge computing to immediately identify threats versus non-threats.

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