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Leica iCon Asphalt Paving Solution


Construction Technology & Software

Technical instruments and displays

Leica’s iCON asphalt paving solution on the one-for-all Leica MC1 software platform is designed to be an intelligent and intuitive hardware and software combination supporting multiple machines for the heavy construction industry, including asphalt pavers.

The asphalt paving solution enables operators to precisely place cement-treated base course or start asphalt paving directly without waiting for manual stakeouts. The operator can change the height offset directly on the run screen, and thanks to the automatic leapfrogging feature, paving surface quality is increased, the company says.

The solution is fully compatible with Leica iCON site and Leica ConX for seamless data sharing, file transfer, as-built documentation, track, view, and sync functions. MC1 software has now been released for the entire iCON road segment, including soil compactors, concrete pavers, asphalt pavers and milling machines.

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