Kubota KX040-4, KX018-4, U35-4 Compact Excavators

February 7, 2013

Kubota has released three new compact excavators, the KX040-4 (4 tons), the KX018-4 (1- to 2-ton class), and the tight tail swing, 3.5-ton U35-4.

The KX040-4 replaces the KX121-3 and features an “Eco Plus” system, giving operators the option of “eco mode” for up to 20 percent less fuel consumption than prior models. For applications that require full power, operators can switch to standard mode and still experience improved efficiency and lower fuel consumption, Kubota says. The unit also has auto downshift travel motors, which shift automatically. The KX040-4 has a 42.4-horsepower (gross) engine, a dumping height of 12 feet 9.5 inches, and a digging depth of 11 feet 2.6 inches. Other features include an angle dozer blade option, which speeds up finish work, and features a float function and bolt-on cutting edges.

Kubota’s U35-4 is equipped with the same cab as a larger 5-ton excavator; the cab features a larger entrance, deluxe suspension seat, air conditioning, easy-open front-slide window, ample legroom, new digital panel, and enhanced ergonomics. For attachments, the U35-4 features an auxiliary 1 diverter valve that allows operators to leave the thumb attached and connect other hydraulic attachments to a second port. Powered by a Kubota 24.8-horsepower (gross) direct injection engine, the U35-4 has a maximum dumping height of 11 feet 0.7 inches and digging depth of 9 feet 8.9 inches.

The KX018-4 is powered by a Kubota D902 17-horsepower (gross) engine and features a long tumbler distance and wide variable track for increased stability and lifting capacity, a variable track gauge, and auto down shift travel motor for smooth operation. It has a dumping height and dig depth of 7 feet 9.7 inches, according to the company.

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