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Komatsu PC400LC-8 Excavator Aims To Please Operators

In designing the Dash-8 edition of its popular PC400LC crawler excavator, Komatsu set its sights clearly on operator comfort and efficiency. Emission requirements were met in the previous edition of the excavator, allowing Komatsu to focus on creating the best possible operator environment with the new PC400LC-8.

January 01, 2008

Komatsu's PC400LC-8 excavator comes equipped with two boom mode settings, five working modes and Power Max control. The one-touch Power Max increases digging force by 7 percent for 8 seconds.

With emissions requirements and other machine operation upgrades taken care of with the early 2006 introduction of the Dash-7 model, Komatsu was able to turn its focus clearly to the operator with the latest update to the PC400LC excavator.

The PC400LC-8, introduced in late 2007, is positioned as a workhorse heavyweight within the 40-metricton excavator class, boasting an operating weight of up to 103,834 pounds.

"From the previous series, the enhancements that have been made on the Dash-8 are really geared toward the value drivers of comfort, in-cab technology and overall operator environment," says Doug Morris, Komatsu America product marketing manager, excavators.

As with previously introduced Dash-8 models such as the smaller 200-, 220- and 270-class-size entries, the PC400LC-8 has a new wide-cab design, featuring a high-back operator's seat, console-mounted armrests, and a new 7-inch LCD multi-color monitor. Through the monitor display, the operator can select from five modes of operation — power, economy, lifting, breaker and attachment modes — as well as access the automatic air conditioner, machine-maintenance tracking, and the image from the standard counterweight-mounted rearview camera system.

The monitor panel is a real eye-catcher for even longtime Komatsu operators when they first climb into the new cab, says Morris.

"In this monitor panel, you have improved attachment flow control from the prior series," he says. "It's much easier to adjust your flow-rate settings, and also have the ability to adapt the machine to be capable of carrying multiple attachments."

Enhancing excavator operator comfort, the multi-layer viscous cab-mounting system incorporates longer stroke and the addition of a spring. Combined with a high-rigidity deck, the new cab damper mounting reduces both vibration and noise levels at the seat. The highly pressurized cab additionally keeps dust from entering the operator's workspace.

The Dash-8 version of the PC400LC continues to be powered by Komatsu SAA6D125E-5 engine, generating 345 flywheel horsepower. An electronically controlled, high-pressure, common-rail fuel injection system, as used in this engine, is established for providing improved combustion and meeting stricter emissions regulations.

As the operator can observe via the LCD monitor, Komatsu's Equipment Management Monitoring System (EMMS) performs three main functions. Primarily, the system continually monitors critical excavator systems, alerting the operator should an abnormality occur. Secondly, EMMS tracks the preventative-maintenance schedule, provides on-board tracking, and advises current required maintenance. Thirdly, when a problem does occur, the system will provide error codes and troubleshooting assistance to mechanics.

The PC400LC-8 is equipped with the latest Level 3 version of the Komtrax fleet-monitoring system, which wirelessly sends machine operating information to a secure website.

Basic Specs: Komatsu PC400LC-8
Engine Make/Model Komatsu SAA6D125E-5
* Equipped with 15′9″ arm
Net Output 345 hp
Operating Weight 97,148–103,834 lb.
Bucket Capacity 1.47–3.75 cu. yd.
Maximum Digging Height* 37′8″
Maximum Digging Depth* 30′0″
Minimum Swing Radius* 16′0″


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