Komatsu D39PXi-24 Intelligent Dozer

May 20, 2016

The D39PXi-24 crawler dozer features the integrated machine control the eliminates blade-mounted sensors. The 21,848-pound dozer has a 105-horsepower SAA4D95E-7 engine that meets Tier 4 requirements using an SCR system and features a water-cooled, variable-flow turbocharger.

Once engaged, the intelligent system automatically starts the cut and lowers the blade to grade in a typical dozing pass. If the load increases to a maximum, the blade automatically raises to minimize track slip to keep dozing productively.

Standard, operator-selectable, automatic reverse grading mode enables automatic blade control, while reversing to grade target surface, per customer feedback. The Triple Labyrinth final drive housing design provides additional protection for the final drive floating seals. The dozer has a dual-path hydrostatic transmission.

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