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Komatsu D375A-8 Crawler Dozer

D375A-8 crawler dozer uses a Tier 4-F engine that produces some 20-plus percent more horsepower when the machine reverses

October 05, 2017
Komatsu D375A-8 crawler dozer uses a Tier 4-F engine

Komatsu has introduced the D375A-8 crawler dozer, powered by a Tier 4-F-certified engine that produces over 20 percent more horsepower while the dozer is traveling in reverse. The additional horsepower yields faster cycle times and a productivity increase of up to 18 percent, the company says. 

This mining-class dozer also comes with structural enhancements for increased durability of the mainframe and track frame. In addition, the unit features an improved suspended undercarriage, larger viscous cab mounts, and a new air-suspension heated and ventilated seat for operator comfort.

The D375A-8, meant for reclamation, large construction, or production mining applications, generates 609 horsepower in the forward direction and 748 horsepower in reverse. There is no SCR system or DEF required. A Variable Geometry Turbocharger improves low-speed response in the high-pressure common rail fuel-injection system, according to Komatsu. Dual diesel particulate filters help handle emissions duties.

The dozer also utilizes large-capacity exhaust gas recirculation coolers.

An automatic, three-speed transmission with an automatically engaging lockup torque converter is designed to provide increased fuel efficiency and faster ground speeds during long pushes.

Structural enhancements of the track frame and mainframe are designed to increase major component life, and changes to the suspended undercarriage, cab isolators, operator seat, and ergonomics of the operator interface aim to improve operator comfort for more productive shifts.

New single-link blade support and larger trunnion bearings reduce maintenance, Komatsu says, and increase blade stiffness and minimize blade shake.

Blade auto-pitch, ripper auto-return, and shoe slip control are standard. Visibility to cutting edge and ripper point has also been improved.

Komatsu has made a number of improvements for operator entry and exit, as well as serviceability. There is a new, optional hydraulic boarding ladder, and a new full wrap-around rear platform. Engine access doors now swing forward and not upward.

A swing-out, hydraulically driven and reversible radiator fan and Mesabi copper-core radiator simplify cleaning and maintenance.

In the operator’s station, larger cab mounts feature more vertical stroke and shock absorption, and the operator’s seat has improved suspension and cushioning.

A new, large-capacity automatic air conditioner is remote-mounted behind the cab.

There is also a ground-level fluid evacuation/service center with Wiggins quick couplers, and a ground-level fast fuel coupler.

All grease points are centralized and remote mounted; fluid sampling and PM service connectors are also centralized. For visibility and safety, a rearview monitoring system and LED lighting package is standard.


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