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Keith Walking Floor


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Keith Walking Floor truck body

Keith Walking Floor truck body has a reciprocating-slat mechanism that moves cargo in and out of the body without tipping it. The product is a safer alternative to dump bodies that can contact overhead obstructions and roll over if the truck is on uneven or soft ground, the company says. Depending on the cargo to be carried, the longitudinally positioned floor slats are made of steel or aluminum. Working in sets of three, the slats move fore and aft and rise and drop to carry cargo into the body or move it out. Two slats are raised to support cargo being moved, and one dropped to move in the opposite direction. Slats are moved by a hydraulic mechanism driven off the truck’s power take-off. On a 12-foot-long body, slats can be 11 feet, 4 inches long. Slat design also varies according to the commodity to be carried and how it can affect metals.

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