John Deere 844K Series II Wheel Loader

January 24, 2012

John Deere has introduced the 844K Series II wheel loader at World of Concrete. The seven-yard class loader features new axles, improved stability, a six-percent boost to full-turn tip-load capacity, Rollover

Protective Structure (ROPS) certification, and low-profile tires.

The new higher-capacity axles have standard temperature

monitoring and automatic cooling and filtration. In addition, the 844K II employs Hy-Gard oil that allows change intervals to extend to 2,000 hours. The 844K II also comes with four traction-boosting axle-differential configurations, including two with on-the-fly differential lock engagement:

•    Front axle hydraulically actuated differential lock with on-the-fly engagement is designed for pushing up piles.

•    Front and rear axle hydraulically actuated differential lock with on-the-fly engagement provides maximum traction control for tough conditions, such as working on virgin aggregate banks.

•    Auto differential lock that applies when the wheels spin and the operator doesn’t apply the differential lock himself.

•    Conventional differential lock is a good match for standard load-out


An increased ROPS capacity enables the 844K II to enter the waste handling market via an optional package that allows the use of solid or foam-filled tires. The new ROPS has thicker internal components than the 844K and is certified to handle 88,000 pounds. However, the increase in components does not impact the 844K II’s cab and near 360-degree visibility. The new, optional low-profile tires are four inches wider, delivering increased traction and reduced ground pressure for added tire life. In addition, the low–profile tires increase stability and full-turn tip load, according to the company. The 844K II is also equipped with new five-piece rims that provide maximum tire-to-rim contact to prevent bead slippage.

Key Specifications

Power rating (hp) 380

Bucket capacity (cu yds) 7

Full-turn tip load (lbs) 48,000