John Deere 700K SmartGrade Dozer Integrates Topcon 3D Grade Control System

February 9, 2016

The 700K SmartGrade crawler dozer features a Topcon 3D-MC2 Grade Control System fully integrated into the machine cabin, structures, and software, without external masts and cables.

Because SmartGrade is integrated into the 130-horsepower dozer, it removes the need to install equipment daily, reducing setup time. Eliminating external cables to the masts reduces breakage, and the removal of the masts from the blade eliminates vulnerability to damage and theft. The Auto SmartGrade feature allows the operator to adjust the system when moving the machine from one soil type to another, unlike an after-market system, which often requires the GPS manager to make a trip to the machine to recalibrate the system, the company says.

Especially helpful to new operators, the Auto SmartGrade feature automatically lifts the blade over heavy loads before track slippage occurs, then returns the blade to grade. Machine dimensions are preloaded into the grade control monitor, reducing the time required to calibrate the dozer to about 30 minutes, according to Deere.