Iowa Mold Tooling SiteStar

September 28, 2010

IMT's new SiteStar lube truckIMT's new SiteStar lube truck has been significantly redesigned and now incorporates polyethylene product tanks for oil-based fluids, antifreeze, water and salvage. The new tanks, says the company, allow considerable flexibility in design, reduce weight significantly (the "poly" tanks weight about 80 percent less than steel counterparts), and also reduce the prospect of product contamination from welding residue, rust and condensation. Also new is the product- pumping system, which uses a newly designed hydraulic motor/pump system to move oil-based products; air-diaphragm pumps for antifreeze, water and salvage; and an air-piston pump for grease. Steel fuel tanks are available for the SiteStar vehicle in capacities of up to 2,000 gallons.