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Two new compact excavators from Hitachi – the ZX75US-3 and ZX85USB-3 – offer a standard boom and a swing boom, respectively.

May 01, 2008

Two new compact excavators from Hitachi (the ZX75US-3 and ZX85USB-3) offer a standard boom and a swing boom, respectively. Operating weights are 17,743 and 18,821 pounds, with bucket capacities of 0.40 to 0.66 cubic yards. They are powered with Tier 3, turbocharged Isuzu engines and Hitachi’s HIOS III hydraulic system. Two engine modes can be selected: economy mode for light-duty work or standard mode for the majority of tasks. Maximum digging reach, respectively, is 22 feet 8 inches and 25 feet 3 inches; maximum digging depth is 15 feet 1 inch and 14 feet 8 inches.


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The ZX345USLC-6 excavator is in the 33- to 40-metric-ton size class.

The ZX300LC-6 replaces the ZX290LC-5 and features a Tier 4-Final Isuzu engine with an improved piston design that allows particulate matter to be burned in-cylinder

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