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Grove TMS9000-2 truck crane


Construction Lifting & Concrete Placement

Grove truck crane.

Grove TMS9000-2 truck crane has a Cummins X12 engine that adds 25 bhp compared to the previous generation crane.

Redesigned outrigger system on the Grove crane includes the rear outrigger box raised by 5 inches to improve the departure angle to 18 degrees and the front outrigger jacks raised 3.5 inches to improve ground clearance. The changes allows for easier sliding of outrigger mats, according to the company. Additionally, there is now an extra 3 inches of outrigger stroke, while the outrigger pad size has been increased from 20 to 24 inches. (See below.)

The latest TMS9000-2 weighs 80,311 pounds in its basic configuration, 1,000 pounds less than the predecessor. Load charts remain unaffected by the reduced weight, with a 36-169-foot six-section Megaform boom and single telescopic cylinder with fully hydraulic Twin-Lock pinning system. The boom has just one weld seam rather than the previous three for a higher-quality, stronger, and lighter design, according to the company.

Grove crane.
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