Ford’s New Pickup Could be Named ‘Maverick’

May 22, 2020
Ford logo.

Ford is releasing an affordable, compact, front-wheel-drive unibody pickup truck in the next year or so. It will sit beneath the mid-size Ranger in Ford’s lineup, and is expected to cost less than $20,000, according to MotorTrend. Its name is still yet to be released, but an image of a Ford truck tailgate with “Maverick” lettering leaked to The Fast Line YouTube channel “throws some intrigue” into the pickup’s name. 

According to the article, in the computer-aided design (CAD), a tall and narrow tailgate is adorned with an oval indentation in the middle, where a Ford blue oval badge would likely sit--and that “Maverick” lettering in Ford-style font. The tailgate seems similar to the rendering of Ford’s 2022 compact truck, although indents in each upper corner indicate Ford’s taillight design might extend front he bedsides onto the tailgate itself. 

The rest of the pickup truck is expected to appear “tough,” and will play down its car-based attributes with blocky, Ranger-like styling. Internet rumors have speculated that Maverick could be one of the names Ford is considering for its new truck. The company used “Maverick” on a compact car sold in the 70s.

Source: MotorTrend