Ford to Develop Battery-Powered Respirator

April 14, 2020
Ford F-150.

Ford is starting production on a powered air-purifying respirator to help in the fight against Covid-19 beginning on Tuesday, April 14. The respirator, which still requires regulatory approval, will include a “hood and face shield to cover health care professionals’ heads and shoulders, while a high-efficiency (HEPA) filter system provides a supply of filtered air for up to eight hours. 

According to Business Insider, the device uses an air blower that’s similar to what Ford uses for the F-150 pickup truck’s ventilated seats. It is battery powered and portable. 

"Approximately 90 paid United Auto Workers volunteers will assemble [respirators] at Ford's Vreeland facility near Flat Rock, MI, with the ability to make 100,000 or more," the company said.

Ford has also helped produce face shields, masks, and ventilators in a collaboration with GE Healthcare. The company also partnered with Joyson Safety Systems to make reusable medical gowns from materials normally used for vehicle airbags.

Source: Ford & Business Insider