FastPic Software Offers Data Import Solution

Staff | September 28, 2010

FastPic4 inventory management software, from FastPic® Systems, offers a robust data import solution to help improve the overall efficiency of construction storage and retrieval operations. FastPic4 software allows users in construction applications to import from their host WMS or ERP system's parts lists for initial storage and system loading. The list can be updated from the host system as part numbers change and parts become obsolete. The software can import order data from host computer systems, including new orders and order deletions. Order data may be structured as simple pick lists, kits, BOMs or as a wave of orders across an entire warehouse. The order handling capabilities of FastPic4 can provide improved picking accuracy and increased system throughput by directing operators with real time information. Receipts describing inventory received from suppliers can also be communicated to FastPic from a host system. FastPic4 software facilitates host directed cycle counting and batch picking operations. The software allows the host to pass down part lists that require validation through cycle counting.

FastPic4 software can manage a single workstation system or multiple work zones and can integrate any shelving, rack, pick-to-light, Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs), horizontal and vertical carousels. Open protocols allow easy, quick and low risk implementation. FastPic4 provides manual import as well as automated host integration using FastPic Systems middleware applications.