Doran Connect 360 TPMS

Feb. 28, 2024
TPMS is compatible with offroad fleets.

The Doran Connect 360 tire monitoring system (TPMS) provides real time, continous tire pressure and temperature data for every tire on offroad fleets.

The Doran Connect 360 provides fleet management with data such as real-time asset tracking, TPMS automated reports, TPMS alert email notifications, trip insights, driving metrics, data backup for 12 months, and access to TPMS historical data to create custom applications and reports.

The TPMS features multiple receiving options for in-cabin visibility of inflation pressure, critical high temperature and low-pressure events. With cellular connectivity, data is available to fleet management users at anytime. 

The Doran 360 is built to operate extreme environmental conditions found in mines, quarries, and steel mills, according to the company.