Western Global FuelCube Type-S transportable fuel tank

July 7, 2023
Can be used for mobile or stationary fueling

The Western Global FuelCube Type-S is a transportable fuel tank for job site refueling. The tank’s 119-gallon capacity is optimal for 3/4-ton pickup trucks or larger due to the tank’s weight when filled with fuel.

The dual-purpose tank can be used as a truck bed tank for mobile refueling or an on-site tank. For on-site usage, the tank can be lifted out of the truck bed using its four-way forklift pockets. Corner brackets make the tank stackable when empty.

The cube has built-in, weatherproof, 110-percent double-walled containment that eliminates the need for pans or basins and reduces the potential of a fuel spill should the tank become damaged.

A lockable equipment cabinet also delivers protection for the pump and feed/return lines.