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eDaily: Link-Belt RTC-80130 Series Rough-Terrain Crane

March 14, 2008

The new Link-Belt RTC-80130 Series II 130-ton rough-terrain crane is the largest rough-terrain Link-Belt has ever produced, it says. The new crane uses a five-section, 162-foot formed boom that is constructed of extra-high-tensile steel and has one double-acting, single-stage hydraulic cylinder with integrated holding valves. Five boom modes vary the extension of the telescoping sections, and wear pads with Teflon inserts self-lubricate the boom sections. Maximum boom tip height is 171 feet. The RTC-80130 can be transported in two loads, with the main load less than 94,000 pounds, including the boom, both winches, three-piece fly and tires attached. The new crane, says Link-Belt, can be disassembled and ready for transport in one hour with no helper crane. The RTC-80130 uses 43,000 pounds of counterweight, has maximum line pull of 21,022 pounds and a maximum line speed of 431 feet per minute.

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