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eDaily: Bridgestone On/Off-Highway Tire

March 13, 2008

Bridgestone L315 on/off-highway tire is a wide-base tire for “superior traction and outstanding flotation,” the company says. The tire is for axles carrying extra-heavy loads, such as front-discharge cement mixers, or for applications requiring high levels of traction, such as dump trucks. Design distributes footprint pressure and can carry 12,300 lb. at 120 psi, according to the company. Available in the 445/65R22.5 size in “L” load range.

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Bridgestone Americas Off Road Tire has developed an enhanced line of large loader tires for the mining, quarry and coal industries in North America.

The V-Steel J-Traction radial off-road tire's computer-optimized center block provides improved loader operator comfort.

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