Mecalac AT1050 Wheel Loader

Feb. 20, 2024
Functions as an articulated wheel loader and as a telehandler.

The AT1050 Mecalac wheel loader has a telescopic boom and a rigid chassis. Four-wheel steer and crab steer allow the loader to maneuver like an articulated loader. When equipped with forks, the machine functions as a telehandler.

The 75-horsepower AT1050 has an operating weight of 15,763 pounds with bucket capacities ranging from 1.37 cubic yards to 2.1 cubic yards. Dump height is 13 feet 4 inches. When equipped with forks, the loader has a lifting height of 15 feet 4 inches and reach of 9 feet 9 inches.

It has a monoboom design, panoramic roof, and large windows for visibility from the cab. Three steering modes enable the operator to use two-wheel steer when travelling at up to 25 miles per hour, four-wheel steer for tight turns, and crab steer for moving diagonally.


Mecalac AT1050 Specifications

  • Operating weight: 15,763 lb.
  • Power: 75 hp
  • Bucket capacities: 1.37 - 21 cu. yds.
  • Dump height: 13’ 4”
  • Lifting height: 15’ 4”
  • Reach: 9’ 9”