DICA MaxiTrack Access Mat

Jan. 22, 2024
Mat system can be deployed by hand.

MaxiTrack access mat can be deployed by hand to provide temporary access for wheeled or tracked equipment weighing up to 150 tons. The 1-inch-thick mats measure 3x6 feet and weigh 88 pounds. They are constructed with heavy-duty HDPE plastic for strength and rigidity.

The patented design allows for fast assembly, according to the company. A crew of four can install more than 1,000 square feet in less than an hour. When bolted together, the 4-inch overlapping flanges enable the individual mats to function as a single unit, limiting seepage, and providing a stable platform.

MaxiTrack can be configured for tight areas and in asymmetrical shapes. For projects that cover large areas, four mats can be pre-assembled and mechanically lifted into place from lifting points to accelerate deployment, according to the company.