Dica Light-duty Liberty Mats

May 6, 2022

DICA light-duty Liberty Mats access mats are solutions for temporary roadways, and include the heavy-duty TuffTrak XL, a combination ground protection/access mat, and TuffTrak XT, an overlapping and interlocking access mat that is designed to support mobile or crawler equipment.

TuffTrak XL is a multipurpose heavy-duty ground protection and access mat designed for extra wide applications and can support mobile equipment on wheels or crawlers. The 13-foot 6-inch-wide mats are nearly 7 feet long and can be installed with 4-foot tines. This mat has a load-bearing capacity of 150 tons for heavy construction, fracking, oil and gas, wind and solar farms, and electrical transmission applications.

TuffTrak XT overlapping and interlocking access mats are designed to remain rigid and do not conform to the subsurface. The internal closed-cell foam design prevents water penetration and helps make the mats buoyant, which makes them appropriate for wetlands, marshlands, peat bogs, and river deltas.