Caterpillar 352 Excavator

Nov. 29, 2022
A variable-gauge undercarriage is available on the Cat excavator.

The 56-ton 352 Cat excavator is powered by a 443-horsepower diesel engine and digs to almost 27 feet. A variable-gauge undercarriage is available on the Caterpillar excavator, which retracts to 7 feet 10 inches wide for ease of transport. It expands to 6 inches wider than the fixed-gauge undercarriage for greater stability.

Cat Grade technology boosts productivity on the Cat 352 up to 45 percent, according to the company. Cat 2D Grade indicates depth and slope on the in-cab monitor with auditory alerts, and standard Cat Grade Assist allows the excavator to stay on grade with single-lever digging.

Operators can store up to four depth and slope offsets. Cat Payload provides real-time weight estimates without swinging the boom. Cat Swing Assist automatically stops excavator swing at operator-defined setpoints in truck loading and trenching applications. Auto hammer stop warns operators after 15 seconds of continuous firing and then shuts off the hammer after 30 seconds to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

Cab options include Deluxe cab with a heated air-suspension seat. Premium cab option comes with a heated and ventilated air-suspension seat. Both have a tilt-up left-hand console for easier access in and out of the machine.

Auto dig boost increases bucket penetration by 8 percent over the predecessor machine when encountering resistance in the cut, and auto heavy lift increases lift capacity by 8 percent.

Three engine modes include Smart mode, which automatically matches engine and hydraulic power to digging conditions; Power mode to deliver maximum power; and Eco mode, which reduces engine speed to a constant 1,500 rpm.

The air intake filter with pre-cleaner features high dust capacity, and a high-efficiency hydraulic fan cools the engine on demand to reduce fuel consumption. Long-life fuel, oil, and air filters combine with synchronized 1,000-hour oil and fuel filter service intervals to reduce downtime. The extended intervals eliminate labor cost for nine oil and fuel filter changes and parts cost for 27 oil and fuel filters over 10,000 machine operating hours compared to many competitive models in its class.

Cat 352 Excavator Specs

  • Operating weight: 111,300 lb.
  • Power: 443 hp
  • Max. digging depth: 26 ft. 11 in.
  • Max. reach at ground line: 39 ft. 10 in.
  • Max loading height: 24 ft. 4 in.