Doosan DXB100H Hydraulic Breaker

February 18, 2013

Doosan DXB100H hydraulic breaker features an energy recovery system that increases strike power, delivering up to 750 blows per minute.

The 2,061-pound DXB100H is designed for use with excavators in the 10-to-15-metric-ton weight range, specifically the Doosan DX140LC and DX140LCR. Rated in the 2,000 lb.-ft. impact energy class, the DXB100H requires a hydraulic flow rate of between 18.5 and 31.7 gpm. Blank-fire protection is standard on the DXB100H, and is accomplished by using a cushion of oil at the base of the piston, which reduces the metal-to-metal contact in case of a blank fire situation. The DXB100H breaker comes with a mounting cap, auxiliary hydraulic hoses, two moil points, toolbox, and a nitrogen-checking device.