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Doosan DX210WMH-5 Material Handler

The DX210WMH-5 material handler has an operating weight of 58,200 pounds

January 25, 2017

The DX210WMH-5 material handler has an operating weight of 58,200 pounds with a 189-horsepower engine. Maximum reach is 35 feet 9 inches, and maximum loading height is 39 feet 8 inches. The grapple capacity is 5/8 cubic yards. Swing torque is 59,224 lb.-ft., with a swing speed up to 9 rpm.

The machine is factory fitted with standard hydraulic cab risers, straight boom, and droop nose arm. A floor pedal adds an optional method to activate two-way auxiliary hydraulics.

The grapple has a semi-closed tine design and can rotate 360 degrees. A magnet is also available, powered by an optional generator that energizes power to the magnet when picking up metal.

The Lifting work mode provides increased pump torque, low engine rpm, and an automatic power boost.

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The DL220-5 wheel loader replaces the Dash 3 and has a 160-horsepower Doosan DL06 engine that complies with Tier 4 regulations.

The Doosan line of severe-duty buckets for crawler excavators is approved for use on the DX140LC-5 through DX530LC-5 models.

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