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CS Unitec's Pneumatic Hacksaw Cuts Pipe and Structural Steel Up To 24"


Underground Construction

CS Unitec's portable pneumatic hacksaw, Model 5 1212 0050 has a blade stroke of 2-3/8" and will cut 24" diameter pipe at 90 degrees in one pass. It is ideal for on-site cutting of pipes, tanks, structural steel and many other materials. The hacksaw's compact, lightweight (16 lbs.) design makes it easy to handle and operate, even in confined spaces. With a 1.5 HP air motor it has the strength and features demanded for tough environments in chemical plants, refineries, power generation, offshore oil, pipeline construction, mining and marine. It uses 51 CFM air volume at 90 PSI air pressure.

The 5 1212 0050 air powered hacksaw is certified to ATEX regulations EX 112 GcT5 for working in hazardous atmospheres and environments classified as EX Zone 2. Labeled with the ATEX safety classification, this CS Unitec saw can eliminate time and manpower lost in obtaining "hot zone work permits" required for other tools, assisting in meeting tight schedules during process shut-downs and plant turn-a-rounds.

CS Unitec offers manual feed clamps for pipe up to 24" diameter and profiles up to 12" x 21-5/8". The saw uses a wide range of heavy duty blades from 8" to 37" long. The saw blades are available in HSS (M2) and HSS-SL with Molybdenum for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel and hard alloys. A saw blade guide is available to hold the blade straight to ensure a right angle cut.

For more information, contact CS Unitec 800-700-5919, or by email at [email protected]. Or, visit the company's Web site at

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