Xtreme XRM 5.519

Sept. 28, 2010
An open cab is a recent development for the 5.519. On enclosed-cab models, a simple LMI (inset) monitors boom position and weight on the carriage.

Described as a ground-engaging product, the 5,500-pound-capacity XRM 5.519 and other XRM Series compact models are manufactured in Italy by Dieci. The machines are distributed and supported in North America by Xtreme Manufacturing, Las Vegas, which offers the broadest lineup of North American-built handlers.

Xtreme also has a slightly larger compact, rated at 5,900 pounds. The XRM 5.720 features a low boom, and the machine is both taller and heavier than the XRM 5.519. Together, the two compact handlers make a dynamic duo.

XRM 5.519 is available with both open and closed cabs (the open cab was demonstrated at the Showcase), but before Xtreme became involved with Dieci, open cabs were not an option. An open cab has recently been developed, however, specifically for the North American rental market. Opting for the closed cab gets you a cloth seat (in lieu of vinyl) and plastic molded panels in lieu of steel panels.

There is also a simple LMI system that comes with the enclosed cab unit. This system monitors both the boom position and weight on the carriage. The display gives a green light for allowable positions, yellow as you approach an overload, and red if you cross into an overload. At that point, the system prevents all movement except that which brings the machine out of an overload position. A key can be used to allow the system to be overridden. Small yet thoughtful features include the lockable storage compartment under the operator seat, plus heating and air conditioning. The more robust open cab design has an all-steel dash and console panel and features true analog instrumentation.

Power is provided by a quiet-running, normally aspirated 3.3-liter Yanmar diesel engine, which produces 71 horsepower at 2,100 rpm. The engine is located in a side-mounted position, along with all service points, which appear to be accessible. A proven single-speed Rexroth hydrostatic drive powers a set of Dana Spicer axles. The XRM 5.519 features an inching pedal to limit drive speed when increasing engine rpm to satisfy boom functions and hydraulic-tool demands. As the accelerator is depressed to raise rpm, the operator simultaneously depresses the inching pedal to slow the drive speed without slowing rpm.

Main boom controls are fully mechanical rather than electric over hydraulic. A tri-function joystick supports loader-style operation. To prevent accidental operation, an integral enable switch is located on the front of the joystick. An individual lever is provided to operate the standard auxiliary hydraulic system. An optional rear hydraulic control is available to operate a rear PTO, which is an important feature for agricultural applications.

The machine features three typical steering modes: two-wheel, four-wheel and crab. The Showcase model was equipped with the optional hydraulically activated quick-disconnect for easy attachment utilization. Although plans call for a universal attachment adapter in the future, none is currently available. The manufacturer, however, does offer more than a dozen attachments designed specifically to work with the XRM 5.519.

The XRM 5.519 fills a market need Xtreme Manufacturing recognized when customers said they were looking for a product compact enough to get into low overhang parking garages, but still offer enough capacity to unload a trailer. Those are just a few of the tasks that this and other compact telehandlers are quite capable of accomplishing.