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Concord Boom Reaches New Concrete Pump Height

Extends five-inch pipe more than 212 vertical feet

December 01, 2006

 Concord CCP-65SZ-225 concrete pump
The 126,000-pound CCP-65SZ-225 with 65-meter boom rides on a 53-foot-long Mack chassis. Three steering axles and a drop axle improve maneuverability.

Concord stretched the limits of concrete-pump reach with model CCP-65SZ-225 — the world's largest concrete boom pump with a vertical reach of 212 feet (about 65 meters). The five-section Z-fold design has a horizontal extension reaching 199 feet, and the boom rotates 370 degrees.

Concord's CCP-65SZ-225 is the only extra-long-reach machine with standard 5-inch delivery line and all standard elbows. The manufacturer says its double-walled pipeline is less expensive, and lasts longer than the 4.4- to 4.6-inch pipe on other large pump trucks because concrete has to move faster through smaller-diameter pipe to match the production.

Maximum pump output is 300 cubic yards per hour. The hard-chromed delivery cylinder is 11 inches by 83 inches. Hopper capacity is 21 cubic feet, and a hopper vibrator and automatic hopper lubrication system are standard equipment.

Telescoping front outriggers spread 44 feet 10 inches, and the rear spread is 47 feet 6 inches. The machine weighs 126,000 pounds and rides on a 53-foot-long, six-axle Mack chassis.

Concord's first CCP-65SZ-225 boom pump was purchased by Pumpco Inc. of Forest Park, Ga. — a firm that has owned and operated two 60-meter Concord pump trucks for three years.

"Back in 2003, we had our concerns about committing so much to Concord. Concord was a relatively new company in the pump manufacturing industry," says Jim Ainsworth, vice president of Pumpco. "But the two 60-meter Concords we purchased absolutely have proved their value to us. I was so happy with the two 60s I asked, 'You guys got anything bigger?' Concord came back with the 65-meter design. It's worth a million...but we didn't pay that."

Suggested retail price for the CCP-65SZ-225 is, in fact, $1 million, and it comes with Concord's five-year-structural/three-year warranty. Standard features include one cable-tethered remote control as well as an Omnex radio controller.

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Biggest-Boom Specifications
Reach Unfolding Total
Vertical Horizontal Front Of Truck Depth Height Weight
Source: Manufacturers' published specifications
Concord's 11-by-83-inch delivery cylinder makes 29 strokes per minute. Concrete head pressure is 1,269 psi, and maximum pump output is 300 cubic yards per hour. The pump will handle aggregate sizes up to 2½ inches.
Concord CCP-65SZ-225 212′ 199′ 189′ 162′ 5″ 47′ 6″ 126,000 lb.
Putzmeister 63Z-Meter 203′ 9″ 190′ 7″ 176′ 1″ 151′ 11″ 75′ 6″ 130,260 lb.
SchwingS 61 SX 197′ 1″ 172′ 9″ 184′ 6″ n/a 52′ 3″ n/a

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