Cimline DuraPatcher Pothole Patcher

October 30, 2014
Cimline DuraPatcher Pothole Patcher

Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group’s redesigned DuraPatcher trailer-mounted spray injection pothole patcher has a fully compliant Tier 4 diesel engine/blower package that is enclosed for security and safety. With 18 percent better fuel economy, the engine powers the machine’s blower that is the basis for the spray injection process. A high volume, low-pressure air stream is used to transport the aggregate/ emulsion mix with sufficient force to compact the material and provide a permanent patch.

Standard features include a heated 250-gallon emulsion tank, ergonomic boom to carry the delivery hose, and spray-injection nozzle. An operator panel controls all patching functions. The specially designed Vent-Flo nozzle properly coats the aggregate with the optimum amount of emulsion regardless of aggregate size. Municipalities utilize a dump truck to tow the patcher and also supply the aggregate.