Caterpillar MH3295 Material Handler

March 18, 2016
Caterpillar MH3295 Material Handler

The MH3295 Material Handler has an operating weight in its heaviest configuration of 219,056 pounds and develops 533 net-flywheel horsepower. A choice of two heavy-duty front linkages (barge and scrap) is available, and the hydraulic cab-to-ground riser provides optimum safety for the operator, says Caterpillar.

According to Caterpillar, MH3295’s carbody—the structure joining the upper to the track roller frames—is both wider and fabricated with thicker plates, compared with similarly sized conventional excavators, resulting in increased load capacity. In like manner, says the company, the upper frame uses thicker sections and higher-strength material, with the boom tower featuring double-plate construction to handle increased side loading.

According to Caterpillar, high tensile strength steel is used throughout the MH3295’s undercarriage, which features sealed/grease-lubricated chains that incorporate the Cat Positive Pin Retention system for consistent fit between track pins and links. Specially designed track idlers and raised final drives enhance lifting performance and overall stability, says the company. Lift capacity is equal over the front and sides when track frames are positioned at full extension, adding 31 inches to the MH3295’s lateral stance. The MH3295 offers a choice of two front lengths: 56.5 feet for barge applications and 71.4-feet for scrap applications.

The patented cab-to-ground hydraulic cab riser allows lowering the cab to the ground in any position in the machine’s 360-degree rotation, allowing convenient entry/exit, says Caterpillar. The cab is equipped with a full-color, graphic and video-ready monitor, which displays images from the standard rearview camera. Added cab features include an air-suspension seat that is heated and ventilated, automatic climate-control, and joystick control levers that can be adjusted for gain (lever stroke in relation to cylinder speed) and for response (the interval between lever movement and full cylinder speed), tailoring machine performance to individual preferences.

The 18.1-liter Cat C18 engine meets Tier 4-Final emission standards and features automatic engine speed control (lowers engine speed when loads are lighter) and automatic engine idle shutdown (stops the engine after a present idling interval).

The MH3295 hydraulic system features the Cat Adaptive Control System (ACS) valve, which manages restrictions and flows for optimum hydraulic response and smooth operation, says Caterpillar. In addition, says the company, the valve’s automatic oil-warm-up function allows the MH3295 to reach operating temperature more quickly in cold weather, and an auxiliary-hydraulic system allows the use of various tools.

Cat MH3295 Specifications

  • Engine: Cat C18 ACERT
  • Net power: 533 horsepower
  • Barge front weight: 210,839 pounds
  • Scrap front weight: 219,056 pounds
  • Max. drawbar pull: 132,637 pounds
  • Max. speed: 2.8 mph