Cat D8T Adds Optional Performance Features

August 23, 2017
Semi-U blade for the Cat D8T bulldozer can provide production increases of up to 13 percent

New options are now available for the Cat D8T crawler dozer, including a larger semi-universal (semi-U or SU) bulldozer blade, redesigned cutting edges, extended-life undercarriage, powered bottom guards, and two remote-control configurations.

The larger 13.4-cubic-yard semi-U blade has 19 percent more capacity, compared with the standard D8T blade. The optional blade allows the dozer to move more material per pass, says Caterpillar, resulting in productivity gains up to 13 percent, versus the standard blade.

Patented “Performance” cutting edges, says the company, are newly designed to “deliver a cutting action that increases blade-load mass by up to 25 percent.” The new cutting edges are engineered, says Caterpillar, to provide easier material penetration in moderate rock or hard/frozen-ground applications, resulting in reduced “skating” in difficult-to-penetrate materials.

Benefits claimed for the new Performance cutting edges include the ability to dig deeper, improved blade control, increased load retention, and improved machine traction, while offering wear-life/life-cycle costs comparable to standard cutting edges and requiring no mid-life edge “flip” or end-bit replacement. Ripping can be reduced in some applications, says Caterpillar, and the new system is interchangeable with conventional cutting edges.

Cat D8T powered bottom guards are designed to facilitate debris clean-out Reduced maintenance downtime, enhanced safety, and easier clean-out are benefits provided by the new powered bottom guards (pictured left), says Caterpillar. After bolts are removed, the guards swing open hydraulically via a remote switch. The guards can be opened in the center for clean-out or from one side to allow full access for maintenance.

In addition, the D8T dozer can now be ordered ready for remote control to “substantially increase operator safety and productivity when working in applications with steep slopes or unstable surfaces,” says the company.

The optional system, “Cat Connect COMMAND for Dozing,” provides remote-control machine operation in two control configurations, either an over-the-shoulder console for line-of-sight operation (from up to 437 yards distant), or a remote station that provides both line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight remote-control operation.

Also new for the D8T is an optional, fully suspended, heavy-duty, extended-life undercarriage designed, says Caterpillar, to reduce undercarriage costs, especially in high-abrasion conditions. Heavier bushings provide 30 percent more wear life, compared with standard bushings, says the company, and a patented crowned Dura Link is hardened for long life and is designed to reduce idler-scallop wear for improved ride after the link is 50 percent worn.

Cat D8T Dozer Specifications

  • Engine: Cat C15
  • Net power: 312 horsepower
  • Operating weight, standard: 86,900 pounds
  • Blade capacity, standard / optional: 11.3 / 13.4 cubic yards

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