Case Compacts Round Out Excavator Range

By Walt Moore, Senior Editor | September 28, 2010

Five compact models, ranging in operating weight from 3,240 to 10,428 pounds and in net horsepower from 11.9 to 36.5, round out the Case hydraulic excavator line. The compact models, introduced within the past year, feature a zero-tail-swing configuration and provide digging depths from 6 feet 11 inches, to 11 feet 11 inches. All are equipped with a hydraulically controlled back-fill blade for light dozing applications and for added stability when digging.

According to Case, the center-swing boom mechanism, which is fabricated from heavy-duty cast steel for durability, allows the compact models to dig directly alongside fixed barriers, such as foundations, retaining walls, fences, sidewalks and established landscaping. A foot pedal, which pivots side-to-side and locks to prevent inadvertent use, provides intuitive control of boom swing. An additional side-to-side pedal activates auxiliary hydraulic functions. The boom itself, as well as the digging arm, is bolstered with steel plates for strength, and a rock guard on the inside of the arm affords added protection from jobsite hazards.

The Case compacts also feature two-speed hydrostatic drive and an implement hydraulic system with joystick controllers. For convenience, the joystick-operating pattern can be switched between the SAE and backhoe-loader configuration. A diverter valve on larger models (the CX25 and above) allows the operator to switch between single and bi-directional auxiliary-hydraulic flow.

Engines in the compact models feature by-stander sound levels rated at 78 to 82 decibels, allowing the machines, says Case, to work in sound-sensitive areas with little disruption. The engines have pusher-style cooling fans, which are designed to minimize accumulation of debris in the heat exchangers.

To minimize disruption of the work site, the CX compacts use rubber tracks, designed with a short pitch to reduce sound and vibration in the travel mode. Ground-pressure ratings vary from 3.1 to 4.6 psi. The tracks under the smallest model in the line, the CX14, also are designed to retract hydraulically from 3 feet 11 inches to 2 feet 11 inches for squeezing through tight spaces, such as backyard gates.

To further match the model to the job, a range of buckets is available, including buckets as narrow as 8 inches for the CX14, and as wide as 36 inches for the CX36 and CX47. Capacities (heaped) range from 1.3 to 9.8 cubic feet. Estimated list prices for the CX line range from $25,000 to $60,000.

Basic Specifications: CX Excavators
Model HP (net) Dig Depth (ft.) Max. Bucket (cu. ft.) Weight* (m. tons )
*Approximate weight in metric tons
CX14 11.9 6.92 1.30 1.4
CX25 18.0 8.42 3.00 2.5
CX31 22.7 9.25 4.25 3.1
CX36 23.7 10.17 6.60 3.6
CX47 36.5 11.92 9.80 4.7