September 28, 2010

Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire’s new Bridgestone M775 on/off-highway drive radial is aimed at severe-service applications and is capable of highway speeds to 65 mph. The block-tread and open-shoulder design is configured to dig into soft surfaces, such as mud and snow, and angled block sipes are designed to enhance wet traction. The M775, with a tread depth in excess of 1 inch, uses “stone-rejector” platforms and computer-designed groove shapes help prevent trapped stones from pushing into the tread grooves and piercing the belt layer. The new tire uses four steel belts and an all-steel casing, allowing it to be retreaded for any axle position. Split-belt construction is designed to help the casing resist cuts and punctures by enveloping debris. The new M775 is available in three sizes: 11R22.5, 12R22.5 and 11R24.5 in “H” load ranges for a total load capacity of more than 24,000 pounds per axle in dual fitments.