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BOMAG 2500/75 Cold Planer


Cold Planers and Milling Machines

BOMAG BM 2500/75 cold planer is the company’s largest. The 771-horsepower BM 2500/75 is a four-track unit that incorporates a mechanical drum drive for the 98.4-inch-wide (half-lane) cutter. Tracks are 76.8 inches long tracks and all steer, including crab steering. The new machine is capable of cutting depths reaching 13.8 inches and has three milling speeds: ECO (100 rpm); Universal (112 rpm); and Speed (131 rpm). Working speeds can reach 229.7 fpm, and production rates can reach 285.3 cubic feet per minute, says the manufacturer.

Available for the BM 2500/75 milling machine are a range of drum designs (standard, fine, micro, and power) to meet a variety of milling needs, and the milling-compartment design, says the manufacturer, allows drums to be changed in “a matter of minutes.” After removing bolts securing the rotor-housing side plate to the frame, the hinged plate swings open to fully expose the drum. A single-bolt design for attaching the drum to the drive gearbox allows the drum to be removed from the housing in less than five minutes. 

All cutters for the BM 2500/75 use the BOMAG BMS 15L tooth-holder system, which features a maintenance-free, bolt-on base holder designed to eliminate the need for retightening. The low-resistance profile of the tapered tooth retaining claw, says BOMAG, results in more milling power with less wear. The BMS 15L holder can be replaced in approximately 75 percent less time, compared with conventional systems, says the manufacturer. Drums feature a heavily loaded edge cutter protected by hardened-chromium carbide wear elements. 

At the touch of a button, the machine’s upper hood hydraulically opens to provide a platform for accessing the engine, components, and a centralized location for major service points. To reduce fuel consumption for maintenance tasks, the new BM 2500/75 is equipped with a one-cylinder engine that provides supplemental power for refilling water tanks, tooth replacement, and machine cleaning.

Central machine positioning of the drum and operator’s platform are designed to afford visibility to both milling edges, the working area, and truck. Rubber platform buffers absorb machine vibration. Dual operator’s seats swing outward and swivel 45 degrees for enhanced visibility. The operator consoles also swing and raise/lower, and a central control panel swings and pivots to either side. Operating parameters and assistance with machine troubleshooting are conveyed via a 7-inch LCD display.

The BM 2500/75 has a hydraulically folding conveyor to facilitate transport. The inner 35.4-inch conveyor channels material from the cutting drum, and the 60-degree left/right swiveling outer conveyor has a discharge height up to 16.4 feet to transfer material to trucks on either side of the machine. 

BOMAG Ion Dust Shield

BOMAG Ion Dust Shield technology is designed for effective removal of fine dust and particulate matter generated by the milling process. Alternative solutions for particulate matter removal, says the manufacturer, include vacuuming the dust from the immediate working area and discharging the particles onto the conveyor belt. While protecting the driver and ground man, these systems to do not fully eliminate particulate matter, says BOMAG, which can remain in the operating area and slowly settle back onto the equipment and ground.

The BOMAG Ion Dust Shield solution for cold milling machines is designed to capture fine dust and particulate matter and turn it into coarse dust. The full extraction system is housed in a small box installed on the conveyor belt. Captured fine particulates move through an electric field that positively charges the particles, which are attracted to the negatively charged housing. This process permanently clumps together fine particles, forming course dust that is ejected into the truck along with the millings, says the manufacturer.


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