Bobcat 500 Series Loaders T4F

November 25, 2013

Seven 500 Series skid steer and compact track loaders have been upgraded with Tier 4-Final engines: S510, S 530, S550, S570, and S590 skid steers; and T550 and T590 CTLs. The loaders do not require a diesel particulate filter because the engines use a specially designed engine combustion chamber that reduces the amount of particulate produced, Bobcat says. The new engines produce between 4 and 12 percent more torque than the Tier 4-I versions. A machine-protection system monitors engine coolant and oil temperatures and will manage engine systems to reduce the potential of these fluids reaching a point where the system will shut down the machine. Anytime the engine temperature is too low, the loader will temporarily limit the maximum engine speed. Engine idle speed is also raised slightly to help the engine reach its operating temperature faster.